Introduction of Trust :

       Samarth Sadguru Shri Nagnath Alli Maharaj  has established the trust on 14th Aug. 2002 at Kumbhari, Taluka South Solapur, District Solapur. The Origin of the trust is  famous Inchegiri Sampradaya. The trust is created by spiritual order of Shri Bhuasaheb Maharaj Umdikar, who is one of the great spiritual master of the sampraday.

The spiritual hierarchy of the sampradaya as follows (Guru shishya parampara):

  1. Shri . Dattatraya Maharaj
  2. Shri . Revan Nath (One of the Navnaths)
  3. Shri. Kadsiddheshwar Maharaj
  4. Shri. Gurulingam Jangam Maharaj
  5. Shri. Bhausaheb Maharaj
  6. Shri. Girimalleshwar Maharaj
  7. Shri. Aujekar Laxman Maharaj
  8. Shri. Nagnath Alli Maharaj

As above all the spiritual rights has been imparted to Samarth Sadguru Shri. Nagnath Alli Maharaj to carry out the spiritual activities like Diksha, Satsang, preaching, prachara etc.. With the order of the spiritual masters today Shri. Nagnath Alli Maharaj is carrying out this great job for benefit of human being. Shri. Aujekar Laxman Maharaj has given Adhikara to Shri. Nagnath Alli Maharaj on 13th Jan. 1999 for to carry out the activities. Thus Shri. Nagnath Alli Maharaj is spiritually appointed uttaradhikari of the smapradaya.

Thereafter the self realised Samarth Sadguru nagnath Alli Maharaj engaged in imparting religious & spiritual thoughts to devotees in Telugu & Marathi languages. The trust is engaged in preventing peoples from consumption of liquor & eating non veg, the prime condition to become devotee is to avoid liquors & non veg then only he can be eligible to get the Nam Diksha from Shri. Nagnath Maharaj. Thus large scale of peoples near about 3 lacs has been became devotees & with complying with above rules they are living satisfied life.

The Samparadaya has great history & many great sadhakas has been developed by Shr. Bhuasaheb Maharaj in his time spiritual masters like Shri. Amburao Maharaj, Shri. Gurudev Ranade, Shri. Girimalleshwar Maharaj, Maa. Shivakka has been emerged in this smapradaya.

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