Shri Samarth Sadguru Nagnath Alli Maharaj Sanstan,Solapur

Shri Samarth Sadguru Nagnath Alli Maharaj was established trust in the year 2002. Ichigiri sampradhay is the main community and Shri. S. S. Bhausaheb's Ummedik is a part of the denomination. The origins of the trust are Shri. Rehvanath Kolhapur Siddhatek's Shri. After this series was handed over to Kadisiddheswar Maharaj, Gurung Jangam Swami Devnimbargi, Shri. Raghunathri Maharaj, Hyderabad, Shri. S S Bhausaheb Maharaj Umadi,Mr. S S Girimaleshwar Maharaj Jamkhandi, Shri. S S Lakshmanappa Aujekar Maharaj Auj and This tradition has been practiced by Shri S.S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj Solapur. Religious and spiritual activities are being implemented by the organization. Presently the founder of the trust is Shri. S S Nagnath Alli Maharaj, Shri. S S Laxmanappa Aujekar Maharaj Rights were granted on January 13, 1999. Prior to 1991, Shri. S. S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj used to give satsang in Marathi and Telugu languages through sweet voice on various topics like Shrimad Dasbodh, Shrimad Bhagwatgita, Shree Dnyaneshwari Shri Gurujita etc.

A brief introduction to Maharaj

The busy schedule of daily and religious activities of Nagnatha Alli Maharaj, he runs himself in a private job in the family of his family. Shri S. S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj was invited by the United National Population Fund (UNFPA) and The Art of Living Foundation to discuss the 'India Mission Daughters' program in Delhi on November 8, 2005. The main objectives of this gathering are on the subject of 'female feticide' and due to the concerns of the world, formation of the spiritual field in the mind of common masses, to simplify the purpose of this gathering, the organizing committee invited the dignitaries from India's nominated spiritual field officers to simplify. Only six officers from Maharashtra out of them Shri S. S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj is one. Also in the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the Art of Living at Bangalore, Vasudev Kutumbakam Shri S.S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj was invited.

Objectives and Goals

A total of 9 Satsang Weeks annually celebrated by the Trust. The future mind of the trust is to create Gurukul, Dhyan Mandir, Satsang Hall, Cow house (Goshala) and the various aspects of Food Chatralaya. In the Padmashali society, the use of meat and alcohol addiction in every religious festival will be enjoyed after the completion of the marriage ceremony. It is a matter of general importance among the people of the grassroots to the elite family. About 3 lakh shishya have become completely addicted through Namsmaran and meditation. So this is social change in a way. The social change has resulted in the significant change in female feticide, abstinence, complete vegetarianism, and parasitism.

All religions Equality

Shri S.S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj attended and presented guidance to the Samvadharam Sammelan organized by the Islam samaj at the social welfare of Rangbhavan. The program to be held in March is also invited.

Spiritual Permutation

This is a spiritual awakening Shakti Peetha, where all sadhakas here have different types of manifestations. The thing that is not going to happen to many people is going to be challenged in science or in nature. The result is a miraculous result from Bhakti Marg easily. In which physical and mental health professionals find the right way.