Shri Samarth Sadguru Nagnath Alli Maharaj Sanstan,Solapur

Shri S. S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj's brief characters:

In this beautiful and virtue land of Solapur, Shri Tukaram Maharaj, Shri. Namdev Maharaj, as many saints of holy Mahatmas are honored with holy feet and the original man of the Inchigiri sect birthplace of Shri Guruling Jangam Maharaj. The tribes of Bhavana Rishi and Bhadravati, there were four brothers and three sisters born in the womb of Mr. Tukaram and Mrs Siddhama. Among them 1. Babhurav, 2. Nagnath, 3. Madhukar and 4. Ramdas. And three sisters 1. Dattubai, 2. Anusaya 3. Saraswati. Shri Nagnath Ali Maharaj was born on 25/08/1950 in the holy month of Shravan in Hinduism. This family used to stay at Flat No. 118 / A, Ganesh Peth, Solapur.

It was very happy to see Mr. Tukaram and Sidhamma their son, who was well-equipped. He has cultivated his Karmadi Sanskar (Upanayan Sanskar), holy way. Since Baba was the son of the legendary and devoted child, his father and his eldest brother and sister were very dear to him. He was known as the son of a clever intellect. They had a keen interest in people unity. He used to play different games with neighbor children.

Shri. S. S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj (hereafter called Baba). The education was done in one of the Solapur Municipal School No. 1, he was talented in the class, he wanted to contribute in various competitions. His elocution was in the oratory. His favorite game is Hollyball. He was the captain of the team at the district level and at the state level in the competition of the Hollyball. The most extravagant competition in his life was in Pune, where he had kept the tournament and his name & school name was kept at the state level. His secondary education was done at Dayanand Asawa High School. After completing his education till class 11, he took admission in two years of Mechanical Engineering in Government Polytechnic College, Solapur and completed his education.

Shri. Baba's marriage came at 18 years of age. He got married with Godavari who is a daughter of Shri Hanumantu Sidram Vangari. After the marriage, Baba was managing his home business. Shri. Baba was interested in spirituality, so he was going to Bhajan, Keertan etc. Their goodwill was that of people like Mr. Krishnari Katkam, Fakirappa Sali, Chandrasekhar Chippa, Mudgundi etc. All of them were going to the Bhajan, Kirtan program. The "Guru Puja" is an example of a devoted path that has long been running in a Padmshali comunity. At that time, Baba & his friends were going to sing hymns. Near this worship, etc. S By 1990, a large number of people whose homes were "gurupithakam" were doing so.

In 1972, there was a whole famine in the whole of India. People started to wander from food and money. Many people have died. In the year 1973, Shri. Baba's father died due to the drought. The responsibility of his business fell on Baba. Therefore, their education was interrupted and all the responsibility of the house fell on them. A thread of one's heart was broken on them. During the 1990's, on the day of Lalit Panchami, due to his mother's death, another thread of Maya was broken.

Shri. Baba was going to Bhajan Programs while he was in private service. One day he met Shri Bhagwanrao at places of worship. Shri Bhagwanrao was also crazy about Bhajan. Mr. Bhagwanrao and Shri Baba in 1982 went to Shri Giriraj Math, Vijapur Road, Solapur, Shri. Laxman Maharaj. Shri Baba became ready to take "Namdiksha". Shri S.S. Lakshmanappa Maharaj said that cannot give diksha to only you. Baba said that he would take namdiksha along with his wife. Both Shri Baba and Amma were present at 9 am in the year 1982, on a Monday morning. Shri S. S. Laxman Maharaj gave Namdikha at Shri Giriraj Math, Vijapur Road, Solapur.

In 1992, when Baba was learning to ride a rickshaw at Vidi Gharkul, Hyderabad Road, while riding rickshaw met with a major accident & broke the feet of Baba. Shri. Baba was admitted to Civil Hospital, Solapur. Treatment continued for 3 to 4 months. At that time, Shri. Baba’s brothers, relatives and guests did not run for the help during the crisis. They were inserted with steel rod on their feet. Therefore, Baba had to stay on the trail for nearly one to one and half years. His wife served night and day.

Since late 1993, Shri. The house of Davarkarkoda started with renting and giving representation / satsang at Shriram Temple, Shastri Nagar, Solapur. They took care of their efforts to spread the sect of their religion. At both places, he started giving satsang on different topics like “Guru Geeta, Shivlilaamrut, Bhagwat Geeta, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Shrimat Dasbodh, Eknath Bhagwat, etc” till year 2010. Around 17 years Shri baba was doing Satsang.

On the morning of January 13, 1999, Shri S.S. According to Laxman Maharaj, his disciples took Shri Baba's house and took them immediately, Shri Baba went to Giriraj Math, Vijapur Road, Shri S.S. Lakshmanappa Aujekar Maharaj at 5.00 pm. Having seen the image of Bhausaheb Maharaj, he came in front of Shri Maharaj. He asked, 'Maharaj, you have reminded me, then Shri Maharaj asked to take darshan of Shri S.S. Bhausaheb Maharaj, Baba appeared and came back in front of them. Having placed his hands on his head with knowledge, and offering his power, knowledge and successor, Shri Maharaj chose him. Shri Lakshman Maharaj chose Baba as his successor. Shri Maharaj made Baba his successor And it has been said that the people who have gone wrong in this world, to try to behave with the victim, the victim, Also, to rescue the people in distress from the crisis, The sufferer of the society has brought misery to his spiritual path and has given him "Namdiksha" to take him to Moksha Marg.

Since Shri. Baba was an independent trust of his sect in 2000, As the institution of Shri S.S. Nagnath Ali Maharaj, Registered on 14/08/2002. For that he bought two acres of land near the tower of Akkalkot Road. Shri S.S. Kadhhsiddheshwar Maharaj, Shri. S.S Guruling Jangam Maharaj, Shri S.S. Bhausaheb Maharaj, Shri S.S. Girimalleshwar Maharaj and Shri S.S. Lakshmanappa Maharaj Idols were installed and arranged the Lakhdipostav program.

On the day 25/09/2012, after ‘Abhyangsnan’ all devotees took last darshan of Shri Baba and Palakhi arranged. Then all 5 Maharaj’s temples took Pradakshina. Then Palakhi moved towards Samadhi, at that time every devotee was in deep sorrow. Now the Samadhi is present at Shri S.S. Nagnath Alli Maharaj Sansthan.