Shri Samarth Sadguru Nagnath Alli Maharaj Sanstan,Solapur

Shri Samarth Sadguru Bhausaheb Maharaj

Umadi was the Deshpande family of this village. They were famous of Umadi Vatanadar, Baron. Vyankoji Tukdev was the original man of his family. Mr. Khanderao and his wife Bhagirathbai, both of these, belonged to a religious and generous heart. The couple had 3 children. First one Yashwantrao was called Aba. Second son Martand alias Nana, and after ten years, on Ramnavami, on Sunday, 9th April 1843, at 12 noon, Deshpande's house incarnation of Atma came. Vyankoji alias Bhauraya, born on Ramnavami, was soon named as Bhausaheb Maharaj. At the time of his birth, many have predicted this, "he will be a great scholar and a great man!" These families were taught from the family in the worship of god, and serving saints.

When Shri Sadhubuva and Shri Bhauraya came to the temple of Bimraya, Shri Gurulingjangam Maharaj and some selected disciples were sitting. "Dosbodh" was going on. Bapuravdada Kulkarni was reading Dasbodha and Maharaj was reflecting on it. At that time Sadhubuva and Bhauraya went there. Sadhubuva bent down and bow down, Bhauraya followed him. Maharaj asked them to sit & listen. Shri. Bhauraya was reluctant to question his basic doubts. In the meantime, Maharaj asked Baburav to start Kapoor. When Kapoor was calm, he asked all the sadhakas to go and asked only Sadubbuva and Shri Bhauraya to stop & Maharaj asked Sadubuva, who is this? Sadubuva introduced the "Nanasaheb's younger brother".
"oh ok!"
"What's your name boy?"
"Vyankatesh Khanderao Deshpande but by love people call me Bhauraya "
"Well, I will call you Bhauraya"
Sadubuva said to Bhauraya, "This is my Sadguru"
Bhauraya bowed his head.
"You see the love of God"
Maharaj asked Sadhubuva to sing Tukaram Maharaj an Abhang.
"Wherever I go, you are there…"

After completion, Maharaj said to Bhauraya, "see Bhauraya," Tukaram Maharaj says that the same experience and values of all Saints are the same. Do the God come with you, when you worship Bhimaraya and go home? Saints say that the true God always come with us. "Your wish will be fulfilled, come with Sadhubuva on next Thursday." Maharaj said this, and went out. Shri Gurulingjangam Maharaj, made specific letters and reminded them of the divine name breathing. This name was given by Sadhubuva to Shri Bhauraya, on 8 April 1858.

In the 12 to 15 years after receiving Naamdiksha, Shri Bhauraya was capable & having all characteristics to take “Gurupad”. Every Saturday, he used to go to Nimbargi and come under the influence of Sadguru philosophy. Fortunately, he received this benefit for 27 years. Shri Nimbargi Maharaj was not able to travel due to late age. Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj was prepared. They realized that the Shri Bhausaheb maharaj is now capable give "Naamdiksha/ Grace". Shri Nimbargi Maharaj ordered Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj to spread the devotion.

Maharaj had abstained from drinking water before 11 days of nirvana. The continuous Naamsarman was going on in soul mind. On Thursday 29th December 1914, all devotees worshiped bhajan, keertan, aarti and roared "Rajadhiraj Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jai". After hearing this roar and seeing the calm the Kapoor, Maharaj immediately clapped and kept his body. There is a flame in the flame. Devotees have been drowned in the bereavement. Their sadness is not over.